See Seeds differently

Traditional bird seeds are mostly fat and lack essential nutrients, which is why a seed-based diet for your bird is like a cheeseburger-based diet for you. While your bird may appear to be at a normal weight when eating seeds, he is not receiving the nutrients needed to maintain proper health.

the power

of pellets

the power of pellets

Pellets are the ideal diet for most companion birds. Pellets are a nutritionally complete and specially formulated to make up approximately 60% or more of your bird’s daily diet. The other 40% can come from small portions of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. For example, parrots have a high requirement for vitamin A to stay healthy, so choose fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A like melon, sweet potato, papaya, red and yellow peppers, tomato, carrots and mangos.
All birds, regardless of species, have general requirements for major nutrients including protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Birds on seed-based or heavy table food diets can suffer nutritional deficiencies which can ultimately lead to health problems.

the truth about seeds

The nutritional analysis of most seeds has shown that they are insufficient in meeting a bird’s needs in terms of protein, calcium, most vitamins, and many minerals. Many companies have tried to correct this nutritional imbalance by coating seeds with vitamin and mineral solutions; however, these attempts have failed to provide birds with adequate nutrition, as birds remove the seed hull as they eat.

Easy start conversion plans

Feed Smart® Easy Start Conversion Plans were created to help you convert your bird from seeds to pellets in a way that fits your lifestyle and your bird’s habits. Each plan walks through conversion in a step-by-step, thorough manner, so there’s no confusion, and transition is simple for both you and your bird.

Tough Love

By moving between old food, new food, and treat incentives, your bird converts to a new pellet-based feeding plan by creating a routine he recognizes.

Slow and Steady

Over the course of a week, your bird gradually transitions from his old food to a new pellet-based feeding plan.

Birdie's Choice

Choose three types of pellets and let your bird select his new pellet-based feeding plan quickly and without weeks of transitioning foods.

support your bird's

health with pellets

support your bird's health with pellets

At ZuPreem®, we believe feeding pet birds at least 60% pellets each day provides the balanced nutrition they need to lead healthy and happy lives. An easy way to ensure your bird gets balanced nutrition is by limiting the overconsumption of seed and incorporating nutrients found in pellets.

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