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Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. provides information about its products and services on ZuPreem.com. The website also provides general information in joint effort with outside experts on pet nutrition, health and behavior related issues.
The website is intended to inform, educate and entertain pet owners, and to provide information to veterinarians and other industry professionals. None of the information on ZuPreem.com is intended for use in diagnosing, providing treatment for, or replacing professional advice. ZuPreem urges all pet owners and care givers to contact their exotic professionals for advice and treatment.
This site or any part of it may not be reproduced, duplicated, sold or resold or otherwise exploited for commercial purposes without express written consent from Premium Nutritional Products, Inc.
Website users who submit or share any communication or information on the site automatically grant ZuPreem the right to use for any purpose such information or suggestions, for an unlimited period of time, without any payment from Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. to the person submitting the material.
Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. solely owns information collected from all inquiries. ZuPreem maintains compliance with all privacy and confidentiality industry standards as it relates to the use and collection of customer data including e-mail addresses. ZuPreem will not sell or rent data to any third party company.
Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. may remove material, update or make changes to the site without notice to its customers or business partners.
Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the information on its website as to accuracy or completeness of information, text, links to other industry websites or other items contained on this site.
Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. is not responsible for retailers selling expired products or products with outdated ZuPreem packaging. It is the sole responsibility of the retailer to provide accurate depictions and descriptions of current, and available, ZuPreem product. ZuPreem is not responsible for product purchases sold after the best by, or expiration, date.
ZuPreem.com is created, controlled and copyrighted by Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. The ZuPreem logo, product names, slogans and program names are trademarks and service marks of Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. All other product or service names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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