“Birdie’s Choice” Conversion Method: Give Your Bird the Power

By Dr. Laurie Hess, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice)

Just as people like to choose the foods they eat, birds prefer to pick their own food. By offering food with a variety of colors and shapes, eating becomes more appealing to your bird. The pellet conversion method “Birdie’s Choice” has proven successful for small birds, because species such as budgies and cockatiels like to explore flat surfaces and select the food they like best. These types of birds are called ground feeders.

Start with Piles
The idea behind the Birdie’s Choice method is to offer your bird small piles of three different kinds of pellets and allow him to select the one he wants to try. Remember, Birdie’s Choice involves using your hand to tap on the table near the piles of pellets, like a bird’s beak would, to stimulate your bird’s interest in exploring the piles. This conversion method works best for birds that are finger-tamed and comfortable around human hands.

Variety is Key
Some birds prefer foods of certain colors, so offering them a colorful pelleted option, such as ZuPreem® FruitBlend®, as well as a neutral-colored pellet, such as ZuPreem® Natural, allows your bird to select the food he likes best. In addition, some birds prefer larger pieces of food, while others like smaller ones. Thus, offering your bird both a larger-sized pellet (such as FruitBlend® or Natural for medium birds), plus a smaller option (such as FruitBlend® or Natural for small birds), enables him to choose his favorite size.

Fortunately, we offer pellets in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes – all of which provide the same high-quality, complete and balanced nutrition that your bird needs – to suit your bird’s preferences. While your bird gets to choose what type of pellets he eats, you can rest assured, whatever type he selects, he is getting the proper diet to stay healthy and happy.

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