Hazards for Exotic Pets and Birds During Holidays

The holidays are a time of year where we celebrate with friends and family. Of course, we want to make the celebration as festive as possible. However, sometimes, the decorations and food can be dangerous for our pets.

Follow along as Dr. Laurie Hess names some hazards bird owners may have overlooked during this busy time.

Video Transcript

Did you know that there are hazards lurking at our homes that can harm our exotic pets during the holidays?

Some of them you may know about like Teflon pans that when you heat up can emit a vapor that when your birds breathe it in can kill them, but you might not be aware of some other things like certain candles that have lead in the wax that when you heat them up and burn them, they can emit vapors that can injure your birds as well, or certain artificial sweeteners like Sorbitol that are fine for us but even if your exotic pet eats just a little bit can harm them too.

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