Keeping Your Ferret Active

It’s very important to monitor your ferret’s weight as well. Ferrets, particularly those who are eating excessive amounts of carbohydrate or fat, will put on a lot of weight. Ferrets are kind of couch potatoes and they’re nocturnal, so they like to run around at night. A lot of them adapt to our schedules so they may play with us in the evening and they may be sleeping all day when we’re at work. That really doesn’t promote a lot of activity in their lives or help them burn a lot of necessary calories. So, a lot of ferrets, as they age, get overweight, develop arthritis, heart disease and things that come with obesity in people. 

You want to keep your ferret, lean. You want to put the food out so they can forage for it. Don’t just offer them a big bowl of food. You might hide it around the room and make that ferret get up and run around and hunt for it. They like to hunt in the wild and search for food. Put away food in little corners of the room which makes them get up and exercise. It’s also nice for them mentally. It stimulates their brain to get up and look for things. So, they’re not just sitting around doing nothing all day and just eating.

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