What Should My Bird Eat?

Many birds have been raised on seeds and nuts & high fat items that we thought years ago were the appropriate thing to feed birds. We now know that these items are deficient in many nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals. While birds can survive on them in captivity, they slowly develop a lot of nutrient deficiencies and health problems. This is a result of lacking important nutrients in their diet. One of them is vitamin A, which is completely deficient in seeds and nuts. Vitamin A is such an essential nutrient in birds’ bodies to have healthy kidneys and all of their organ systems. As they age, they often develop kidney problems like gout. Development of poor feathering and poor skin quality is also a sign of deficiency in Vitamin A.

You should expose your birds to all kinds of vegetables and fruits in moderation. Things like orange, red and yellow, vegetables and fruits, peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, mango, cantaloupe and papaya. Those are all vitamin enriched fruits and vegetables. Birds don’t need to have things cooked because they have that sharp beak. Birds often enjoy crunching on raw fruits and vegetables, even things like a sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A. You don’t have to cook a sweet potato because that could be great for birds to chew on.

Pellets should be making up about 2/3 of your bird’s diet. In the wild birds supplement their seed and nut intake with things like berries and bugs as a source of protein and variety of different produce during different seasons. Their diets are much more balanced than just having seed or just nuts.

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